Sleeping Under Butterflies (mary919) wrote,
Sleeping Under Butterflies

can i change?

I just had to tackle this task that involved a lot of minutiae. Basically, a customer needed their 14 page invoice-- involving multiple appearances of 11 different items-- ordered differently. So I had to break down the original invoice and create something completely different that could still be easily cross-referenced.

And I loved it. Tasks like that take me to a place of inner peace. I have no idea why.

And while I'm in that place I wonder if I can't put myself there more often.

I'm generally sort of high strung. I worry a lot about things I can't do anything about. I create a lot of stress for myself.

Can I just DECIDE to be less like stressy Mary and more like peaceful Mary? I want to try. So I'm putting it down here as a goal for myself-- so that when I catch myself caught in those mental loops that do me no good I can consciously remind myself that I don't want to do that anymore.
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